Ibida Black Level is a company that concentrate on Financing, Investments,

Sales & Business Excellence Solutions and Luxury products and services.

The main goal is to bring prosperity to our clients!

We search for opportunities globally.


IBL has a broad collaboration network with important companies as Seed Capital of the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, EMAAR, The Resort Group, Megical, IELPE, Amber Lounge, etc.

We have also a partnership with The Pentagon Group from Luxembourg. Together we offer a unique investment opportunity.

Our extensive portfolio of, high ROI, Investment Projects include Companies, Properties, Hotels, Islands and different Start Up projects

In Sales & Business Excellence Solutions, IBL concentrates on everything

that is about excellence, like cutting-edge services and technology:

High-tech, Med Tech, Cyber Tech, Luxury, etc

In Luxury we can offer almost anything you desire.


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