Sales & Business Excellence Solutions

Ibida Black Level helps companies with their International sales challenges.

We operate globally. We do it in a cost efficient way due to our light structure.

We can do it as a project or for x days a week. With us you just customize the amount you feel that is correct for  your needs and budget.

This way it will be much cheaper than building a heavy sales organization.

Now your company has the opportunity to add more markets to your internationalization strategy.

Our main office is in Malaga, from where we interact with the rest of the world. Because of our vast contacts, we can help your company in many ways. We can offer well demonstrated Nordic efficiency together with cultural and language skills.

We also offer stability, security and velocity that sometimes is so important in some markets.

Business Consulting

Change is the only constant in today’s world. The current business environment calls for ever greater knowledge, flexibility and also rapid deployment of skilled individuals who can manage business transformation effectively.

That is why Ibida Black Level wants to provide your company with solutions to boost Excellence and Success.

Whatever your concern is, we will help you to find the solutions. Using our analytic skills, we will detect the best solutions and use our extensive contacts to ensure that you will also have the best people to help you find excellence for your organization.

Digital Sales Solutions and Coaching

Digital Sales are a thing that is changing the game today. Typical problems are both under and over performance in this area. The old school is trying to underestimate the importance and the new school is overestimating it. We can both help you build or coach a sales force in this area. We are ourselves working on daily basis digitally, globally. For example, we can “rocket launch” your sales force LinkedIn activity in a couple of weeks with only two sessions! This will give a new boost to your sales.

Ibida Black Level works with the best and together we offer you High End services of Excellence.

Interim Management

Our clients can confidently entrust their operations to one of the interim executives, knowing that they have demonstrated extensive practical experience across a broad range of functions and industries. Depending on the client’s needs, the managers replace, supplement or coach the existing managers on a short- or longer-term basis. The interim managers can be in place within days. If a permanent placement is required, they can identify the right executive within a few weeks.

Performance improvement

Fast results needed with minimal risk? For rapid intervention that provides significant positive change, our contacts has a proven track record based on using their structured approach to project management. For high-value, low-risk solutions, they appoints experienced executives, high-achieving management professionals who get definitive results – fast.

In search of Excellence?

Business transformation

We are using proven best-in-class processes to drive business turnarounds, restructuring, re-organisation, mergers and acquisitions and/or accelerated growth. Our clients benefit from their lean business transformation practices for any single phase or for the entire process, depending on their business requirements.

Solutions for private equity

We enhances value by providing the best management solution at every phase of a private equity transaction: evaluating a potential portfolio company; owning a portfolio company; and selling a portfolio company.


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