We can help you find Low Interest Financing.

IBL have an extensive network of companies specialized in this field.

Through them we can offer more “human” terms that better suits the reality of modern companies and the business environment of today!

The loans can be from 1 to 700 million euros.

You just have to send us your business plan, the amount that you need.

We will then search for a possible financier.

Once we have found it, we will walk it through together.


IBL has a lot of, high ROI, investment opportunities.

It is normal that these investments are sold as a “silent sell”.

This means that we cannot put them on our website.

We can offer you different kind of properties, hotels, islands, company investments, etc.


Now Ibida Black Level has also partenered with The Pentagon Group in Luxembourg to present


We present this marvelous investment product togheter:
No capital risk over 10 year, your capital is guaranteed at 100% from day one.
A compounded interest payment of 2%, 2.5% or 3% annually, provisioned and secured.
Plus a Bonus of an additional variable yield pick-up of 1 to 2% per annum.
(Investments from 100-300M€. For smaller amounts we will discuss the options.)


Please contact us and tell us about what would be interesting for you.

We can also search for an investor for you if you have an interesting project.

Please contact